Little Norway – Part One (PDF Draft Version)

Research by Clarence Simonsen

Little Norway Part One

Click on the link above.


The text of the now famous “King’s Speech” was published in Canadian Maclean’s Magazine on the 1 October 1939 issue. It was broadcast by His Majesty the King to his subjects on 3 September 1939, the day war was declared on Germany by Great Britain. Canada formally declares war on Germany on 10 September 1939. Canadians had no idea [Bertie] King George VI, had a Royal stutter which caused profound embarrassment to his Royal family. An excellent historical film in 2010 reveals the truth, preserving our hidden past.

In Norway another King had much bigger problems to worry about.

During the ‘Phoney War’ [September 1939 to April 1940] Hitler made plans for the invasion of Norway and Denmark, with the code word of “Weserubung.” Orders were issued by Hitler on 1 March 1940, and the invasion of Norway began in the early hours of 9 April 1940. The Norwegian campaign gave the British their first bitter lesson on German air superiority. The complete operation was run by thoroughly trained German officers who knew their men and equipment.

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