Dedication – Pilot Officer Albert Dorey (PDF version)

Pilot Officer Albert Dorey Dedication

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pilot officer albert dorey

My Blog history of No. 2 Wireless School, Calgary, Alberta, is dedicated to the memory of P/O Albert, Dorey, one of over 5,000 Wireless Operator Air Gunners who completed twenty-eight weeks of training and graduated from [The Castle] what is today the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Calgary, Alberta, also completing his nine day air training at RCAF Shepard, Alberta.

I first met the daughter of P/O Albert Dorey [Marg Liessens] at the old [Lancaster] Museum in Nanton, Alberta, in late August 2006. During this meeting, I learned that Marg and I were both born in 1944, but she never knew her biological father, due to the fact she was just over three months of age when he was killed in a Lancaster bomber south of Hamburg, Germany. Marg’s mother requested that most of his RCAF records, and material associated with her father’s training in Canada and England not be returned.

Since 2001, Marg has been on a dedicated search to recover, trace, and learn the truth of her father’s lost wartime career. Marg made four trips to the Lancaster KB859 crash site at Hittfeld, Germany, and visited her father’s grave site near Soltau, Germany, seven times. This strong devoted love towards her father is also shared with a common bond towards the Canadian constructed Lancaster Mk. X bomber, in which her father was killed in action on 31 March 1945, and our present day 431 Air Demonstration Squadron “Snowbirds”.

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