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Little Norway Update – The Staff at Our Headquarters – About who’s who?

David added this message to the photo he shared about Little Norway, Toronto.

So if we start on the floor from left to right (as you look at it)

#3 Ole Reistad

#4 Edvard Omholt-Jensen

#5 Ole Palmer Araldsen («Remlapp»)

2nd row

#5 Sverre Clausen

3rd row

only man in uniform Paul Børresen

Row behind him,

man with glasses Thor Odegard Omejer with to the left of him Berge Øverland

Big question are the women and believe they mostly must have been local employees.




Little Norway Update – The Staff at Our Headquarters

Still preserving the past thanks to Clarence Simonsen’s research about Little Norway…

This is another photo from Little Norway, Toronto.

It was sent yesterday from the same reader who had shared those photos…

mom and dad in norwegian uniform (1)

ragnar wold little norway

That reader had found Clarence Simonsen’s research about Little Norway. It was a three-part series.
Part One is here.
Part Two is here.
This is what the reader had written before with the photos he had sent.

Dad, Ragnar Wold was a navigation instructor in Little Norway and I believe in 1945 transfered to Winkleigh, United Kingdom. Mom, Margaret K. (Matchett) worked at the library in Little Norway until she got transferred to the UK in 1945.

To be continued…