Remembering Edward Strauss and Ol’ Daid Eye

Updated 14 July 2022

Old Daid Eye

Rear gunner Ed Strauss was just a name in one of Clarence Simonsen’s research about nose art. Then his grandson found this post and commented…

Hello Pierre, thank you for summarizing this research on the bomber art, this was a great read and very informative. I was especially excited to see you even had the info about my grandfather, rear gunner Edward Strauss, part of 426 Thunderbird squadron, who had ole dead eye painted at the tail of the plane. The Canadian War museum was recently generous enough to have the tail art transported down to Kitchener so he could see it. Let me know if you are ever interested in some more info about his time in the service or Ole dead eye, I can ask him, send some photos from the war or recordings I have done of his memories.

Kevin is sharing his grandfather’s photos taken in World War II.

Bill Stanley, Andy Steward, Nick Wasnchuck, Bill Rodmal, Phil Labelle, Ed Strauss and Ross Kettle

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