Calgary Herald 21 January 1942

This is part of Alan B. Patrick’s collection. It’s a newspaper clipping of the Calgary Herald 21 January 1942

The original is below. Click on the link.

Calgary Herald 21-1-42

Today, long hours of hard work and Intensive training for student pilots at the No. 37 Service Flying Training School (R.A.F.) bore their first fruit as the first group of fliers received its wings in graduation ceremonies this morning.

“Today.” as Air Vice-Marshal’ Croil, A.F.C. inspector-general for the British Empire Air Training Plan, said, as he pinned wings on the new pilots, “was not only a great day in your history, but in the history of this school. Your class, I understand, has graduated with an extremely satisfactory average and with splendid marks, notwithstanding the fact that because the school has been newly opened, you have had to contend with many difficulties.”

Prior to the inspection Air Vice Marshal Croil, accompanied by Air Commodore A. T. N. Cowley, A.D.C. officer commanding the No. 4 Training Command: Group Captain W. H. Poole, officer commanding No. 37 S.F.T.S., and other officials of No. 4 Training Command, conducted a full dress rehearsal of the entire school. The school band played during the inspection.

Leading the entire class, and the first airman to graduate and receive his wings from No. 37 S.F. T.S.. was LAC G. D. Davies.
Among the graduates were:
G. Bates, R. F. Best, L. F. Bickley. W. Boyes, N R. Cave, G. C. Crompton. L. W. Coote, J. J. Carthew. H. J. Dee. G. D. Davies, A. E. Duffield, J. B. Errington. A. G. Emery, W. Fox.

T. C. Graham. H. Gatgutt, R. F. Gabbitas, K. W. Heywood, A. C. Howard, D. P. P. Hurst, M. F. Hewitt, T. D. Jackson, A. J. Keeling. K. H. Leech. T. E. Leggett, D. S. MacKenzie, T. Mair, R. J. Moss, W. G. Metson. H. Maltby, W. McLennan, A. B. Patrick, R. D. Pearce, N. Powell, E. T. Porter, G. W. Robins, J. W. Roll, L. It. Rimes, N. L. Sherwood. R. H. Simpson. J. N. Shirley, J. Simpson, A. N. Stockdale, P. Y. Thomson, D. C. Tanner.

A. C. Thornton, T. C. Vigors, W. G. Walker. A. W. Walledge, L. West, J. B. Wallis, K. W. West, J. T. Wiseman, N. D. Wilkinson, B. Williams. J. Pool, R. A. J. Yates.

Collection Alan B. Patrick courtesy Tim Patrick

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