VE Day – Muskoka Airport – 8 May Norwegian Veterans Day

David Wold is sharing this today…

image1 (1)

The wreath was safely delivered this morning! See attached photo.
For some reason the ribbon looks quite pale in the photo but it is darker in
person, like last year.

Eleven poppies to symbolize the 11 provinces of Norway.

Let us never forget what Canada did and what those who got their training
there contributed to the liberation of Norway.

My understanding is that there was at least 7 nations that stepped into
Norwegian uniforms to take part in the fighting for liberty.

Thank God and Country ,


3 thoughts on “VE Day – Muskoka Airport – 8 May Norwegian Veterans Day

  1. valerie ann jackson

    Looking for a comic book from 1942 True Comic about my father Basil George Deleval Jackson who was in the RCAF and was in Stalag Luft 3 and helped with the Great Escape. Comic book page has Off the Beam in large letters. Thanks for your help


    1. Pierre Lagacé Post author

      Clarence says…

      No luck

      The best site is Comic Book Plus and I can’t find it in True Comics for 1942. 

      Publisher was Parent’s Magazine Press and they also had True Aviation Comics and True Aviation Picture Stories comics. Many issues are not online.




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