Little Norway – Another contribution from David Wold

Updated 29 September 2021

For your guidance with today being 80 years since Elwood Norman Ericksen lost his life over England , Lauren MacNeil arranged for a wreath to be placed at his grave. The Canadian military attachee in Oslo was kind enough to place the wreath and meet with the family.



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My Mother had a beau from « Little Norway » in 1940 and early ’41. He was « B » in Cabin 5. He was Elwood Norman Eriksen, nicknamed « Erik », from near Oslo. She was 20, he was 21 in ’41. He lost his life in an accident at RAF Chilbolton, Hampshire, England in September ’41. My Mother, Marjorie Morse, from Toronto and Black Lake, Haliburton, mourned him the rest of her life. He was handsome, brave and I think had much strength of character as well as a sunny personality. I believe they would have married. Many, many thanks to David Wold for his on-going and so very helpful research and assistance. The light burns so much brighter for all his contributions.

These are the two ships manifests that came over to Montreal and Toronto with the original pilots for the RNoAF.


SS Iris

SS Iris manifest

SS Lyra manifest

Riksarkivet (the National Archives)

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